Happiness in Icelandic Fish Oil

Many will say that the people from Iceland are some of the happiest and most pleasant in the world. This is oftentimes related to the population’s good health as over 80% of all people in Iceland are reported to be in good condition. There is also the fact that Iceland is one of the most productive countries in the world, and has ties with almost every other country available. While there are many other reasons that could lead to the happiness that Icelandic people are known for, recent studies have shown how Icelandic fish oil, along with the other components of the people’s diets have led to this better outlook in life.

Fish in Your Diet

icelandic fish oilFish has long been a part of the life of the people of Iceland. Being a country that is located at the juncture of the Arctic Oceans and the North Atlantic, Iceland has had for its economy and livelihood a business in fishing. This has led Icelanders to consume more fish than most other people in the world, and it has definitely turned out for the better. Fish in their daily diet has led to better health and to lesser risks of obesity and other health problems. Many people in Iceland have diets that are supplemented by fatty cold water fish such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel, and more than just great taste, these foods offer a range of other benefits.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the best components that Icelandic fish and Icelandic fish oil contain. It is highly desired because of its levels of good cholesterol or HDL and also for many other benefits that are associated with its consumption. One of the best benefits of omega 3 fatty acids is improved cardiovascular health. People with the adequate levels of omega 3 fatty acids have lower risks of heart disease and stroke. Omega 3 fatty acids have also been associated with improved mental health. Disorders such as dementia are rarely found in people with the right amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. There are also studies that show the positive effects of omega 3 on one’s memory and learning.

Lesser Daylight

The sunny disposition of Icelanders in relation to the people’s intake of fish is very interesting to note. For one, Iceland is a country where daylight is not as prevalent as in other countries that are nearer the equator. Studies have found a condition wherein lesser amount of daylight leads to lazier attitudes and a more sluggish personality. Considering this fact, people from Iceland should be in a less than happy disposition because their days are shorter and their nights quite darker. On the contrary however, Icelanders are very happy. This is why a study into Icelandic fish oil and fatty fish in one’s diet has been made to see if there is indeed a relation between happiness and eating fish.

Happy Mystery

While it is true that the brain reacts to the levels of omega 3 fatty acids in the body, it is not yet clear how eating fish is able to lead to a happier disposition. Many are still baffled by this idea, but many also attest to the fact that eating Icelandic fish and consuming Icelandic fish oil and other similar products have greatly enhanced one’s outlook and disposition in life. Whatever the reason may be, Icelanders still remain to be some of the happiest in the world, and the fish in their diet are now getting more recognition than ever before.

You Should ALWAYS choose an Icelandic Fish Oil Supplement

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Eligibility Criteria for a Solo 401k

A solo 401k is a retirement plan that has been made with the small business person in mind. It is a flexible retirement savings plan that is now quite popular among sole proprietors and small business owners. If your company is a partnership or if you have a corporation registered you can still participate as long as you are the business owner. Your employees cannot be registered on this plan. You will need the traditional 401k for that. However, your spouse is eligible.

There are certain eligibility requirements that you must adhere to if you are to register a solo 401k. As discussed above you need to own a small business and your spouse is also considered an owner of the said business. If you have other employees in the business who are not eligible to participate in this plan, then you can go ahead and register for it. Employees who do not qualify for the plan or who can be left out of the plan include:

Part time employees who work less than a thousand hours per year at your company.

Employees who are younger than 21 years of age.

Employees who have worked for less than a year at your organization. If they are to participate in your 401k, you can require at least one year’s service from them if they are to have tax deferred salary contributions.

An employee who has worked for less than two years at your organization is also not eligible to get the profit sharing contributions from your organization. There are however some solo 401k plans that will keep this requirement at 1 year and not 2.

If your employees fall under the above categories you can exclude them from your 401k plan and therefore may still be able to take advantage of the solo 401k.

The forms that you will be filling out in order to set up this retirement plan are ‘condensed’ versions of the ones used with the traditional 401 k. Whereas the traditional one has about 20 pages for you to fill out this one has only about 3. However, you are advised to have an advisor help you with filling out the forms and making the various elections needed so that you have their guidance and expert opinion. In addition, be sure to get all the proper documentation from your provider of choice to avoid any future confusion.

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The benefits of using live chat for business

Using live chat for business is yet another way for enterprises to maximize the internet to improve sales and customer relations. No other internet technology allows for prompt and real-time solutions to customer concerns.

The technology behind live chat
Live chat is among the earlier features of the internet which allows users to talk to other users through the use of a messaging client. Previously popular clients included Microsoft’s MSN and the Yahoo Messenger.

Recently, web developers have discovered a way to integrate live chat clients on the websites themselves, eliminating the need to download any client installer. This development has not only made using live chat for business possible — it has made it accessible and highly affordable.

Functions of live chat
live chatCustomer support has always been considered a necessary evil among retailers. Businesses used to spend a lot of money to set up an entire office just to handle customer queries and concerns. This equated to additional equipment and salary costs.

Today, however, customer support has become more efficient with the use of live chat for business. For one, most live chat software available today allows for multiple chat support—which means a single support staff can handle several clients at once.

Thus, enterprises need only employ an optimum number of support staff instead of handling a full-blown department. Additional chat operators may be hired only when the need arises.

Live chat also offers real-time support, where customers who visit the business website can immediately connect with a human staff. Support staff may also initiate a chat with site visitors using a live chat link on the website.

It also helps enterprises create a more personal connection with their customers, as live chat adds a human touch to the often-automated customer support process. Depending on the needs and preferences of the enterprise, live chat can be made available 24/7 or limited to office hours.

Software options
There are several software developers focused on optimizing live chat for business. Some offer free services with limited features, and risk-free time trial options that retailers can avail of before purchasing the product.

A good live chat program will not only allow real-time support, it can also provide real-time feedback from the customer as well as statistical reporting. This can give the management an updated insight on the efficiency of the company’s customer support and make necessary adjustments much more quickly.

Globalized retailers need not worry about language barriers, since good live chat software also have built in multi-language support to support clientele from around the globe.

Ultimately, using live chat for business improves customer relations and, in turn builds the reputation of any enterprise. It’s a win-win technology every budding enterprise should incorporate in their operations for better cost-efficiency and return of investment.

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The Best Modern Outdoor Furniture

Spending time outdoors is always an amazing experience. The experience is even more remarkable if you have beautiful modern outdoor furniture. Thus, you need to spice up the environment with a few pieces of furniture so as to make it more comfortable and appealing. With a few pieces in your garden or yard, you could turn your compound into a heaven. Due to the benefits associated with the furniture, the demand for them has increased over the years and so has the number of manufacturers that make them. As a buyer, you have to be considering some factors when you go shopping for the furniture.

outdoor furnitureOne of the things that you should consider when choosing modern outdoor furniture is the ease of cleaning. You should decide on this depending on the time you have for cleaning and how dirty you anticipate that the furniture will get. Different materials require different cleaning procedures. For example, Aluminum is very easy to clean since all you require is lukewarm water and cleaning detergent. Some of the materials like wicker do not require to be cleaned with soap. You just need water to remove the dust and for some all you need is wipe off and the surface will be clean.

You should also consider the space you have when you go shopping for modern outdoor furniture. There are a variety of pieces that you can buy for your garden or patio depending on how much time you, your family and friends spend there. You can buy as much as you can so long as you have enough space for all of them. However do not make the area too crowded as it will appear untidy. You should check out some ideas on how to arrange the furniture in your compound so that it looks neat and serves the purpose that was intended.

Comfort is a must for all modern outdoor furniture. Most of the time spent outdoors is to relax and have fun with friends, family and even pets. Thus all the furniture that you buy should be very comfortable so that you can be able to relax well. Also they should be made with a material and a design that will ensure their durability. This way you can enjoy the comfort for a long period without having to incur costs in replacement and repairs. For example if you are buying a sofa, you should ensure that it has the right and high quality cushioning for both comfort and durability.

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Get showered with cooling misting fans

It’s far too hot to go outside and enjoy the weather. Summer is a season in which most people plan their holidays and go out in their lawn but sometimes summer gets so hot that we can’t possibly enjoy the season with humid days. We use fans to get a cool breeze but in the warmth of the hot summer season even fans are ineffective. Misting fans could be the only solution to this problem. Misting fans are the one and only simple solution to the problem. This smart solution will save you from spending on other cooling electronics. Misting fans cool the air they blow by water.

Misting fans spray a light mist at you, and the mist of the misting fan is just a particle of water and won’t let you get wet. The little mist droplets evaporate before reaching your skin. Whenever you are enjoying being outdoors in summer it usually get too hot for comfort and the misting fan would be the best to help comfort yourself outside in summer. Misting fans are made with high quality and best materials.

misting fansMisting fans have the features to spray in wide areas. Misting fans give a refreshing effect. Children absolutely love misting fans as they seem so interesting and fun for them. So many people like to spend most of their time outside or even work outside. A misting fan would be the best necessity in that case they can easily be put out and give a lovely cool breeze not making you even realize how hot it even is. Misting fans are really a great invention. Nowadays it is very common to hear the word heat stroke. People start to think that how a heat stroke is possible when the fan was on, but how can an ordinary do the job of giving cool air, ordinary fans just make it more humid, what is the use of spreading hot air around?

Misting fans actually blow air but not hot air; misting fans blow a cool pleasant breeze on us and give us a lovely feeling in the depressing hot weather.  If you actually want to enjoy outdoors with your family and friends and at the same time you want to stay cool then getting a misting fan is what you need to do. Misting fans have superior quality and aren’t expensive at all and after all they keep you cool, calm and comfortable. They are perfect for homes offices and public places consuming less electricity and being so easy to manage they also look great  placed anywhere making summer days more enjoyable sprinkling you with refreshing mist droplets while you are in the move. Get your own misting fan available in so many sizes and personalized which wheels for your ease and hot days and get the ultimate refreshing showers throughout the day.

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How Web Conferencing would Benefit a Business

Communication is an integral element in business and only effective tools can facilitate communication within and outside a company. Among the communication tools that we have today is web conferencing which has received popularity as a result of the benefits it has. Its spectacular conferencing facilities ensure maximum connectivity between individuals separated by distance. The choice of conferencing solutions depends on the type of business as well as the needs of that business. It is possible to know how the members of your company are taking a certain issue through online conferencing because you are able to see them.

In addition to this, web conferencing enhances communication in a manner that it is done using sophisticated equipment. A computer, headsets, conferencing software as well as amazing features of the software allow putting across any message clearly and accurately. The video and audio quality of the software used is refined giving clarity and precision required of every topic of discussion. With the internet swiftly becoming accessible by anyone in the world, members of a company scattered worldwide can converge simultaneously. This will strengthen a business and provide room to iron out any issues negatively impacting the performance of the company.

web conferencingAs the cost of living, rises it becomes almost impossible to afford some facilities and services necessary for meetings like conference halls and equipment. This negatively impacts the company because its members are not able to meet and catch up on the latest in business. With web conferencing all these problems are eliminated. There is no need of conferencing equipment or space therefore expenses incurred whenever meetings have to be carried out are removed from the budget. At the end of the day, the company spends less and gains more from the achievements of the meetings held. The better part of such meetings is that both the staff members and clients can participate.

The web conferencing software has tools that enable presentations to be made and important information shared. To a business, it is a great opportunity for members to share new ideas and display them through video or audio form channeled through the software. A company can deliver demonstrations to various clients around the world about their products and services hence inducing purchase of either of them by these clients. Whenever clients or members of the company have questions or opinions needed to be aired, they can be passed across and discussed during those meetings. Online conferencing is a sure way of increasing productivity of a company and satisfying its vast clientele.

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The best option for clean carpets

Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA has been proudly serving the city and its adjoining areas for over a decade, dependability and gaining the trust of thousands of people along the way. We are one of the experts in cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery and lots more. We not only clean them, sanitise them like no other, we also make sure that they remain free from any residue, odour. We are also proud to be one of the most environmentally committed companies using the latest and best environment friendly cleaning methods. Not only the chemicals that we use are biodegradable, they are also non toxic for you and your loved ones.

With Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA in charge of your carpets or rug cleaning, you can be sure of world class cleaning with no toxic or harmful chemicals. You can also be sure of the best and top notch quality service that is almost synonymous with our name. We not only clean carpets, rugs and upholstery, we also clean drapes, blinds of every type, tiles. To be more specific we are your one stop solution shop for all your residential and commercial establishment cleaning needs. We also design and perform tailor made cleaning services to suit your need and budget. Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA offers all cleaning services and its world class services at the most competitive prices.

carpet cleaningAt Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA we use the latest and best methods for cleaning carpets and rugs. Hot water extraction methods and steam cleaning methods are also used which are proven and tested effective methods for removing even the toughest of stains from carpets and rugs. We also use the latest carpet cleaning machines including the truck mount ones to make sure that you get the cleanest and fresh smelling carpets or rugs. We are not only committed to excellence, we are also committed to quality. We undertake time tested and proven technology and methods to remove dirt, grime, oils, stains, and odours from your beloved carpet and rug. We also use the best possible treatments so that only the unwanted matter is removed and the rug or carpet regains its old shine, lustre and colour. Our methods return these fabrics their old charm and softness, with a fresh smell, without damaging their texture or anything.

All technicians at Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA are not only hugely experienced; they are also one of the experts in their domains. They are experts and knowledgeable in rugs and carpets. They also are one of the highly regarded names in the industry. They are licensed and insured other than being bonded with us.

At Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA we also undertake damage repair and restoration of carpets and rugs of almost every kind. We also offer insurance coverage for all our services. We treat each and every carpet or rug specially. We have been in pursuit of excellence, and our endeavour continues.

We are proud of our world class service and best cleaning efforts. Carpet cleaning Alexandria VA also offers cleaning services to corporate or commercial establishments. Our quality and service is the reason for our long list of most popular hospitality, entertainment and other service oriented commercial clients. We also serve some of the best known celebrities. We offer to clean the most and the least prices.

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Basement Dehumidifiers- How to Choose them

Basement dampness is a health hazard and can be the cause of diseases and other insectBasement Dehumidifiers infestation in the home. In addition, things stored in the basement can be damaged easily by the moisture. It is important as soon as you detect that you have a problem of moisture in your basement to correct it. Basement dehumidifiers are used to correct basement dampness. As the name suggests, these dehumidifiers are specifically designed for use in the basement area of the house. There are many types of dehumidifiers and choosing the best is important is you want to be effective in getting moisture levels back to normal in your basement.

When buying basement dehumidifiers it is important to make sure that you buy the right appliance. There are factors that can act as a guideline for you when buying these dehumidifiers. The first thing that you need to note is the size of your basement. It is important to ensure that you buy a dehumidifier that will be able to completely cover the whole of your basement. A smaller size will not work effectively to reduce the humidity levels in your basement. The size of your basement will determine the size and features of your basement dehumidifier.

The other factor that you need to consider when choosing basement dehumidifiers is the features. Humidifiers have different features that make them operate better. It is important to choose a dehumidifier with features that make it efficient to use. These features also determine the cost of the dehumidifier. Some dehumidifiers with advanced features will cost you more to buy than that with basic features. Therefore, if you want additional features on the dehumidifier that you want, you have to be willing to cover the cost.

The cost of basement dehumidifiers is also an important factor when buying them. You should choose a dehumidifier that is affordable. You can shop around to listen to the quotes that different suppliers give you. This will allow you to choose the most affordable supplier. It will also allow you to check on things like discounts that significantly reduce the cost of the appliance. However, it is extremely important not to compromise on quality for price. Ensure that you buy a dehumidifier of the right quality at an affordable price. When you buy the appliance, it is also important to understand how it operates. It is quite easy to damage it because you do not understand how to operate it.

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Understanding How an SEO Company Uses Link Building

Link building is a complicated practice becauseSEO Company there are so many factors that determine which links are credible and which ones are spam. It isn’t enough to have a ton of keyword-stuffed links floating around on your website’s home page, you need to ensure that your site’s links are of high quality and will get rewarded by search engines. If you skimp on creating quality links, your website’s SERs will suffer. It is important to hire an SEO company that understands the ins and outs of link building and will create a strategy tailored around your individual needs.

Link building is one of the most effective and long-lasting techniques

That an SEO company can use to get your website higher rankings in Google and other popular search engines. This is because links are like the currency of the internet. The more you have, the more likely a search engine is to recommend your website to visitors. Unfortunately, not all links are created equal. This is why it is important for your SEO company to utilize a powerful link building strategy.

There are a ton of factors that go into which links are worth the most internet currency. Things like how high a link is in an HTML code all the way to whether or not the links are placed inside content or in a sidebar can affect your site’s overall search engine ranking. A seasoned SEO company will improve the quality of existing links by optimizing your pages and how each link is set up. A thorough understanding of how a search engine’s algorithm works is essential during this stage of search engine optimization.

In addition to improving pre-existing links, an SEO company should be able to create new links for you. This is done both internally (by creating links to other pages within your site) and externally (by creating links from other sites to yours). By researching your site and your site’s competitors, an SEO company will figure out the best sources for high quality, long-lasting, and well-converting links. With these new links in place, your site will see a significant increase in trustworthiness and reliability from search engines, resulting in a higher ranking for you.

Because search engines examine links so closely, it is important for any SEO company to successfully utilize link building as one of their primary services. Keywords, high quality content, and a great design can all go to waste if a site’s links are not optimized. Make sure you don’t overlook this key component when enhancing your site.

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Doing Internet Marketing SEO through an Article Writing Service

Those firms offering SEO or search engine optimization services are aware of its importance as far as internet marketing is concerned. Search engine optimization is the main ingredient of online advertising. To search for information, services or products, people nowadays will simply type some specific keywords into a search engine. Optimization has made the process become very simple to some degree. The firms dealing in this work have the expertise to place the right keywords to portray a product.

Marketing SEO through an Article Writing Service

These words are used as keywords and are used as a lure for customers to make them buy a certain product or service. The firms offering search engine optimization services are experts at making use of keyword to get top ranking for websites. When there is a right usage of keywords, your website will generate more traffic. It is the keywords and content that direct visitors to your site and in the process turning them to potential customers.
A reliable web marketing company has the necessary knowledge of the most effective methods that can be used to choose the right keywords. The company will also be well placed to come up with a great content that is sure to guarantee hits. If a search engine optimization firm can use these online marketing tactics, then it has a good chance of swelling the sales of your website in the shortest time possible.

With SEO as the internet marketing tool of choice for you, a search engine optimization company improves page ranking for you on the major search engines, increases your database, keeps the visitors streaming into your website always satisfied as well as raise the return on investment. As a client, you don’t have to possess any knowledge yourself with your main task being that of carrying out a good research of what you need to do.

Research will enable you to gain awareness of the process involved and transform your idea into a working reality. This is one way for you to see to the product’s popularity on engines. Search engine optimization companies can create an excellent image of an online business in the most convenient way. This is to ensure that your web marketing strategies through article writing do actually work. Given that one of the main aims of you internet business is to sell and make profit, the use of effective marketing strategies will be of immense help for doing that.

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