The benefits of using live chat for business

Using live chat for business is yet another way for enterprises to maximize the internet to improve sales and customer relations. No other internet technology allows for prompt and real-time solutions to customer concerns.

The technology behind live chat
Live chat is among the earlier features of the internet which allows users to talk to other users through the use of a messaging client. Previously popular clients included Microsoft’s MSN and the Yahoo Messenger.

Recently, web developers have discovered a way to integrate live chat clients on the websites themselves, eliminating the need to download any client installer. This development has not only made using live chat for business possible — it has made it accessible and highly affordable.

Functions of live chat
live chatCustomer support has always been considered a necessary evil among retailers. Businesses used to spend a lot of money to set up an entire office just to handle customer queries and concerns. This equated to additional equipment and salary costs.

Today, however, customer support has become more efficient with the use of live chat for business. For one, most live chat software available today allows for multiple chat support—which means a single support staff can handle several clients at once.

Thus, enterprises need only employ an optimum number of support staff instead of handling a full-blown department. Additional chat operators may be hired only when the need arises.

Live chat also offers real-time support, where customers who visit the business website can immediately connect with a human staff. Support staff may also initiate a chat with site visitors using a live chat link on the website.

It also helps enterprises create a more personal connection with their customers, as live chat adds a human touch to the often-automated customer support process. Depending on the needs and preferences of the enterprise, live chat can be made available 24/7 or limited to office hours.

Software options
There are several software developers focused on optimizing live chat for business. Some offer free services with limited features, and risk-free time trial options that retailers can avail of before purchasing the product.

A good live chat program will not only allow real-time support, it can also provide real-time feedback from the customer as well as statistical reporting. This can give the management an updated insight on the efficiency of the company’s customer support and make necessary adjustments much more quickly.

Globalized retailers need not worry about language barriers, since good live chat software also have built in multi-language support to support clientele from around the globe.

Ultimately, using live chat for business improves customer relations and, in turn builds the reputation of any enterprise. It’s a win-win technology every budding enterprise should incorporate in their operations for better cost-efficiency and return of investment.


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